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"I have studied many languages and find Sara to be an excellent teacher. In a comfortable setting, she helps you learn the structure of the language while encouraging idiomatic conversation. I heartily recommend her classes, from beginning to advanced".
Thomas P. Henchy, PhD

"When I first started with Sara, I did not know any Spanish. I met with her once a week, and after the first meeting, I was actually speaking and understanding come Spanish! After each class, I was impressed with how quickly I was learning another language and how comfortable I was speaking it with her. The small group sizes for individual attention while creating an environment for conversation and activities. She is always encouraging and makes learning Spanish fun. Each class usually involves review of previews lessons, new vocabulary and various activities to learn while keeping interesting. I have recommended Mi Casita Spanish to all my friends looking for Spanish classes".
Chelley R.

"Sara has worked with our two girls (ages 8 and 6) for the past two years. Sara is completely professional, always punctual, has very high standards and still makes the learning enjoyable for our children. We have noticed concrete progress in their ability to speak and understand Spanish. We give Sara our absolutely highest recommendation."


"My girls have been taking classes with Sara for about 5 months now and we've been very pleased.  They enjoy going to Spanish class, they see it as a fun activity and we are noticing their progress.  In the past, when they have taken Spanish classes, we got frustrated that they only learned vocabulary.  Now, with Sara, I feel like they are able to put sentences together and start having basic conversations."
Ane G.

"Sara is great! My shy 2 year old warmed up to her very quickly and after just 2 weeks, she has been singing in spanish. I love it!"


"Sara is the best! She really connects with our boys and is a loving, caring and very serious teacher. She is creative, passionate and engages them in the language. Being a native speaker and a dedicated teacher are both important, but best of all Sara adores working with kids and it shows.
We are so happy to have found her!"


"Over the last ten years I have had three different Spanish teachers but Sara is by far the best. She is extremely punctual and the weekly lesson is always something I look forward to. Unlike my other teachers, she lets me do most of the speaking even though I stumble through the conversation which must be very exasperating for her, but this is the only way to make progress!"

"My 6 and 9 year old daughters both say that Sara is awesome! She is very creative in her lessons, and plays games in Spanish inside and outside, which keeps it fun. Both girls are making great progress in Spanish. We highly recommend her."

"My four year old has been taking Spanish classes with Sara, and it's exciting to hear him speak Spanish.  In less than two weeks, he can already count to 10 in spanish and voluntarily says words in Spanish, like asking for "mas azul", (more blue paint)..  Sara is an excellent teacher, with great energy and numerous learning games.  We love Mi Casita clases de espanol! "

"Sara's spanish classes are great!  I have been studying Spanish for about 2 years now, and I was referred to Sara as a way to help focus on speaking in a more fluent manner.  Sara's style of instruction is perfect for me.  We talk about whatever things are going on in our lives at that point in time (just like talking with a good friend), and she continually offers me gentle suggestions on how I can better communicate with my "new" language.  I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn spanish or that wants to improve their spanish.  Sara is a native spanish speaker and can provide you with vocabulary that is used everyday by spanish speakers that you just don't learn in a traditional classroom.  Great classes for adults, teenagers, and small kids.  Awesome sessions tailored to your needs.  I have class with Sara tonight, and I'm looking forward to it as always!  Saludos desde San Diego!  You'll love her classes and you'll improve your spanish muchisimo!"

Mark H.

"Sara has been wonderful in helping my three boys and I learn basic Spanish, in preparation for an upcoming move to Mexico.

She has a terrific personality, which makes learning fun for everyone.  Her lessons, coupled with games, makes it easy for the kids to pick up the language.  We've only been going for a month, but I already hear them using Spanish outside of class.

She's very responsive about communicating, in person, on the phone, or via email, so I always know what's going on.  

I'm very pleased with the progress we're all making and can't recommend her highly enough.  Thanks, Sara!"

Jennifer M.

"I have to admit that I have never taken classes with Sara personally (because I'm a Spanish teacher)...HOWEVER, I met her about 5 years ago when she became a substitute teacher for me.  My students really enjoyed her and always asked when she was coming back! She only subbed for me for about a year because she became so busy with her own students.  Since I offer a very specific type of Spanish class only, I have sent Sara many recommendations over the years and they have all come back to me absolutely thrilled with their new teacher!  I have heard nothing but good things about Sara, which is why I feel comfortable sending students her way when they're looking for something that I don't offer (it does reflect on me, so I have to be careful).  
Sara - you're awesome!"


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